Circular Motion Preset for After Effects

Bartlomiej Otlowski
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Circular Motion preset uses sine and cosine motion waves to create perfect circular motion inside After Effects. You don’t have to limit yourself to 2D scenes only. Preset works on the X, Y, and Z-axis. The built-in auto orientation function allows you to create outstanding spirals and real-looking solar systems.

How to install

Download the Circular Motion preset ZIP file, unzip it, and copy/paste it to the folder Bartlomiej Otlowski in:

PC: Adobe\Adobe After Effects\Support Files\Presets
MAC: Applications/Adobe After Effects/Presets

If you have already a Bartlomiej Otlowski folder, simply copy/paste the content of this folder.

Refresh List in the Effects & Presets panel or restart your After Effects.

How to use

You can find the Circular Motion preset in the Effects & Presets panel. Type “Circular Motion” in the search bar or twirl down the *Animation Presets menu. Drag and drop the preset or double click with the selected layer.

If you would like to use this preset on the 3D layer, first turn on the 3D Layer switch. Otherwise, X and Y Rotation won’t work.

If you would like to manually animate the position of the layer, set up Speed to 0 and keyframe Start Angle controller.

Note: Center XY point controller works fine with Shape Layers. With other layers, it freaks out and you have to type/slide position values. To make your life easier you can set the radius to 0 to locate Center XY.

Preset is published in the Pay what you want option. If you would like to download it for free just type $0. It’s ok, I also started once!

If you would like to say thank you and buy me ‘a virtual coffee’ pay anything you want.

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